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Commercial Solutions

Office or Business

A pleasant and comfortable environment in an office or business situation is most important. It is proven that staff work at their best when they are comfortable. We have all been in situations where work colleagues complain about either being too hot or too cold. In both extremes the workforce will not be working at their best. Air Conditioning can offer a solution to both problems.

Cooling / Heating Systems

Today heating and cooling systems no longer have to be separate. Nearly everywhere you go today you will see wall or ceiling mounted units. They are often referred to as air conditioning units and are mistakenly considered to only cool the air being circulated. In the current market air conditioning does not necessarily equal air cooling. Air source heat pumps can both heat and cool the workplace. The heat pump inverter system is now the most energy efficient system on the market. The units now come with energy ratings and are given the European standard energy efficiency rating on a label. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and across a wide spectrum from A to E. Both the heating and cooling cycles are given this rating with the most energy efficient rating being up to A+++. Keep an eye out for the energy rating on any quote provided by Bostock Air Conditioning.

Server Rooms

Many companies use air conditioning as a means to stop over heating in the server room. The last thing a business wants is to lose valuable data because their server is down. Server rooms tend to have a slightly larger capacity of unit than normal due to the heat gains given out by the computer equipment.

The government has recently introduced the enhanced capital allowance (ECA) scheme with the aim to manage climate change. Working closely with the scheme we can provide businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets the published list of energy efficient equipment. This means that the government has a list of energy efficient equipment and business are able to gain tax relief if they have one of these units installed. The list is continuously changing so make sure you check the list regularly for any updates.